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Define your eyes with longer fuller lashes and defined brows

Frame your eyes with longer, fuller lashes and defined brows to wake up with extra pretty eyes. Whether you are looking to naturally accentuate, or going for more of a dramatic lash look, the qualified lash technicians at Glamroom can help you achieve whatever lash look you desire. Brows can be defined with a shape, tint and the newest treatment on the market - a brow lamination, to tame those unruly hairs for picture perfect brushed brows.

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Brows | Lash Tinting

Brow Consultation - FREE
10 minutes

Brow Shape + Brow Map $30 (30 mins)
Lash Tint $30 (20 mins) incl scalp massage
Brow Tint $25 (20 mins)
Brow Tint + Shape $45 (30 mins)
Brow Henna + Shape $50 (45 mins)

Brow Lamination + Shape (Wax) $80 (45 mins)
Brow Lamination + Shape (Wax) + Tint $90 (1hr)
Brow Lamination Only $60 (1hr)
Brow Lamination Intro - Brow Lift $70 (1hr)

Lash Tint + Brow Tint + Shape $65 (45 mins)
Lash Tint + Stain + Shape $75 (1hr)

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CLASSIC LASHES  $130 (1 hour 45 mins)
HYBRID LASHES  $140 (2 hours)
MEGA VOLUME LASHES  $150 (2 hours 15 mins)

Infills must be done within 2-3 weeks. After this time a full set will be charged. You must have at least 60% of your extensions still on.

Classic Infill  $80 (1hr 30 mins)
Hibrid Infill  $90 (1hr 30 mins)
Volume Infill  $100 (1hr 30 mins)

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Everything you need to know about getting fabulous brows and lashes

Lashes are applied to your individual eyelashes and tailored to your desired look, from natural to dramatic.

Semi-permanent lash extensions last between 3 and 5 weeks depending on your own lash cycle. We offer infill sessions if your lashes are beginning to fall out.

Please don't wear any eye make or mascara to your appointment. That way we can spend all our appointment time on you hair.

Eyebrow lamination is the latest beauty secret that will thicken and enhance your natural brows. Similar to the idea of a lash lift, brow lamination involves the application of a setting lotion that gives the brow hair a semi-permanent “brushed up” and lifted look. Whether you have thin, thick, or over plucked eyebrows, brow laminating is the perfect solution to give you the everyday look you want, without effort.

Prior to your brow lamination appointment, we recommend the following:
  • Avoid using exfoliants, retinoids, or AHAs on your face for one to two weeks before your brow lamination
  • Avoid tweezing at least one week prior to your appointment (if you’re interested, we do offer the option to add on a brow wax to your lamination appointment)
  • Please come to your appointment without any makeup on your face

  • Don’t get your eyebrows wet (avoid the shower & bath)
  • Don’t go into a sauna
  • Don’t use oil based products
  • Don’t apply heavy creams, makeup, or makeup remover to your brows
  • Don’t sleep directly on your brows (we know, easier said than done for our stomach sleepers)

Similar to a lash lift, keeping your brows dry in the 24 hours following your lamination treatment is very important. During the lamination process, we use an assortment of creams as well as a permanent gel to relax and shape your brows. If you get your eyebrows wet too soon after we finish applying these products, your brows do not have a chance to set with their new shape.

A brow lamination will last about 6 weeks (again, depending on aftercare). Be sure to follow the “Don’ts” mentioned above in the first 24 hours following your treatment for longevity. In the 48 hours following your treatment, you can apply a hydrating balm or a castor oil to your brows daily. We also recommend brushing your brows in an upright/styled position anytime following a shower (or after getting your brows wet) to help keep their new shape.

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